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What to Do in Case of Brake Failure

Le 24 August 2018, 08:10 dans Humeurs 0

All modern cars have dual brake systems plus a parking brake in them. The parking brake is usually cable-actuated, meaning the parking brake is connected to the rear brakes in a manner that is not dependent on the main hydraulic system that actuates the brakes. The terms parking brake and emergency brake are used interchangeably in the automotive world to refer to a purely mechanical braking system which can be actuated in the event of hydraulic failure, or used to secure a car when the motor is off and the car is parked. The term used depends on the scenario. In an emergency situation, the emergency brake can be used to stop a car safely. In daily use, the parking brake is used as a safety measure to prevent movement of the car when it is not in use. There are also parking brakes that actuate inside the hub of the rear disk rotors, serving as mechanical drum brakes. In an emergency, using the parking brake and a combination of engine braking should be the first maneuver the driver should attempt to try to bring the car to a safe stop.


A dual brake system uses a tandem or dual brake master cylinder (this is the mechanism connected to the brake pedal that pushes hydraulic fluid to the brake calipers at the wheels) to provide separate brake systems for both the front and the rear of the vehicle. In the event of a loss of hydraulic fluid, one system may still work because it is independent of the other system. Often the front left brake is linked with the right rear brake. Likewise the right front brake is linked with the left rear brake. Also called a dual-circuit braking system, this system is installed in all car nowadays launch x431 v plus. Thus, a situation where a car has absolutely no brakes at all is catastrophic because it will have circumvented the backup safety features of the dual-circuit hydraulic system and the mechanical hand brake system.


As we said earlier, the first attempt to stop a car with no brakes is to try the hand (or emergency, or parking) brake first. For cars with manual transmissions, lift your foot off the throttle and downshift rapidly to use the engine as an assist to braking. At the same time look at your side and rearview mirrors to see if there is oncoming traffic while steering toward a section of the road where you can stop the car. Activate your emergency flashers too to let the drivers of cars around you aware that you are in an emergency situation TOPDON Artipad I. It is a lot to do, of course, but one should never panic in adverse situations. It only muddles up the decision-making process that is all the more critical in times like these.


For cars using an automatic transmission, downshift on the gearshift from D to the next position, usually 4 or 3, then downshift again as you are getting out of traffic. This will engage the gears manually and will have the effect of using the engine to help stop the car. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, you should have activated the emergency / hand brake at the first symptoms of brake failure. The final maneuver to stop the car is to brush the wheels against the curb or even sideswipe a wall to scrub off speed. The car's welfare should be of no import at this point, only that of the occupants to life-threatening injury. If the car's speed is low enough, you can actually opt to ram a tree or light post and the combination of seat belts and airbags should protect the occupants. This is an act of desperation that should be taken only when all other attempts to stop have failed.

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What to Check on Your Car Frequently

Le 20 August 2018, 07:56 dans Humeurs 0

Maintenance of autos is an important step towards the care of autos. Maintenance of autos means checking a few things about your vehicle on a regular basis. Maintenance of autos usually consumes very less time, and afternoon is the best time to carry out any kind of maintenance of autos. If you do not take care of your auto regularly, chances are high to lose lot money concerning maintenance issues.




1. Warm air conditioner: Do not get angry, when you have a warm air conditioner. It is very important in the summer season. You may charge your air conditioning system with the help of some Freon. Freon helps you get rid of the warm air that is inside the vehicle.


2. Maintain a schedule for maintenance purpose: Maintaining your vehicle regularly may save you money that you might spend, while taking the vehicle to a garage for maintenance purposes. Next, scheduling the maintenance and keeping a track of it saves the expenses of costly maintenance services.


3. Keep an eye on the performance: Your vehicle's performance will suffer, if its valve is not functioning properly. Loss of mileage, loss of power, and accelerating slowly are some of the causes that cause clogging of the valves in an auto. Replacement of valves is a simple task and it helps the vehicle to perform efficiently for a longer period.


4. Lights: The Anti-loci Braking System (ABS) lights are an important part of any vehicle along with ABS wheels. Dirty wheels are a major cause of repair for ABS lights.


5. Electric connection: Keep the electrical connection of the vehicle clean. If it is not clean, it may cause corrosion. All electrical connections of a vehicle mainly get affected due to corroded batteries.


6. Fuel Filter: It plays an important role in the safety of auto engines. You need to keep the fuel filter clean every time. Replacement of fuel filter does not take much time. Dirty gas leads to replacing fuel filters and the replacement process is a bit expensive Autel MaxiSys MS906BT.


7. Oil change: The most common thing that you may do to maintain your vehicle is to change the engine oil regularly TOPDON ArtiBattery101. It is very easy to change the oil of a vehicle and is not expensive at the same time. You may change the oil yourself by following the systematic instructions.


8. Time belt: You need to keep a check on the time belt at 10,000 miles. It is very important to inspect the timing belt as shown by the manufacturer. If you fail to check the time belt, it will result in bent valves and cause huge damages in the engine.


9. Wipers: Wipers play an important role in the safety of any vehicle. Replace the windshield wipers two times per year. Install new wipers, so that it becomes convenient for you and others on the road in regards to safety.


10. Power steering fluid: Do not drive with a power steering that is not functioning properly. Check the level of the power steering fluid. Your safety is at risk, if the power steering is not functioning.


Thus, these are some primary maintenance ideas for every auto.

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What it Really Costs to Own a Car

Le 14 August 2018, 07:47 dans Humeurs 0

When people are buying a car for the first time, the first thing that catches their attention is the sticker price on the vehicle that is sitting outside in the dealership parking lot topdon td300. "Oh, I can afford this!" they will exclaim when they see the price. However, the price that you see on the sticker on the vehicle is often just a rough estimate of what you will actually end up paying for the vehicle.


When I first bought my car, I had no idea how much I would qualify for. I knew how much I was making, but I didn't even have the first clue when it came to financing and figuring out facts, figures and other sorts of numbers. I brought another female friend with me to the dealership, thinking that because she had purchased cars in the past that she would be able to help me out. No such luck. In the end, the salespeople at the various dealerships that I visited had a field day with me, trying to swindle me and get me to purchase a car that was well beyond what I would ever be able to comfortably afford. Why, at one dealership, I distinctly remember that the salesman actually took me for a test drive in a $35,000 car and told me that I would be able to afford it! I later found out that this was a price that was well beyond my capabilities at the time.


Buying a car for the first time is a major decision, one that will affect you for a long time if you make a mistake. Regarding the price of actually owning a vehicle. In the state of North Carolina, I didn't know that there was a vehicle tax that you receive in the mail shortly after purchasing a vehicle. Depending on which county you live in, the vehicle tax may be higher or lower. In Wake County, the vehicle tax is currently three percent of the purchase price of the vehicle minus a trade-in. If you don't have a car to trade in, then this is just three percent of the purchase price. So, if you are buying a car for twenty thousand dollars and think that you are going to get off scott free, you had better think again and prepare yourself for a heft vehicle tax bill in the mail.


I was shocked to receive my first vehicle tax bill in the mail. Why hadn't the dealership told me about this? Suddenly, I was faced with paying a $440 per month statement for my car plus a new vehicle tax bill for the amount of $375 Autel MaxiSys Pro. I actually had to resort to asking my parents to help me out that month because my current paycheck wouldn't cover the difference! In addition to this, people who are buying a car for the first time also need to take into consideration the fact that when you own a car, you have to pay for regular upkeep such as filling it with gasoline, taking it in for regular oil changes and occasionally battling unexpected hiccups such as flat tires, car accidents, etc. In the end, you wind up paying far beyond whatever the sticker price read out. Therefore, it pays to do your research and make sure that you take ALL things into consideration!

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