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Used Toyota - The IQ

Le 24 avril 2018, 04:00 dans Humeurs 0

My friends would say that I am car obsessed. If asked to prove the point, thy would explain about my bank balance crippling car magazine habit, about the lectures I give on engine size and fuel economy Autel MaxiDiag MD808, about the writing I do and the car I drive. Actually, scratch that last bit - because I drive a Toyota IQ and even my least car savvy mates don't consider that car to be cool. It is a shame that they think this way - because I think that the IQ is a much maligned car that actually serves its purpose brilliantly!


I suppose it is the looks that people first have a problem with - and this is something that is wholly personal when choosing a car to own. One of my mates, for example, owns a Lotus, which they saved for years to be able to buy - but I personally can't stand the design at all! In much the same way, I have always felt a little guilty about loving Smart Cars Autel MaxiSys Pro, as doing so it much the same as a fashionista admitting to wearing crocs or Ugg boots. I reckon the small design is one of the things that first go me seriously considering the IQ - it was like the tiny Smart Car city run-around just looking a little cooler. Instead of chunky edges and a strange shape, the IQ was much smoother and much smarter - like a grownup version!


However, I would never buy a car purely on looks alone - and if I was being serious and practical on looks then I probably would have gone for a Yaris or even an Auris. The used Toyota garage was full of all of them, and all at cheap prices. The thing is, however, that I do actually live in a city, and my work isn't easy to get to by public transport. As such, I have to drive to and from my office on a daily basis - which is a nightmare at the best of time. Having a large car would have made it much more difficult to navigate my lanes - and incredibly hard to find a coveted parking space on the on-street parking that I have outside my house. The IQ was the sensible size and shape, yet still manages to fit 4 people inside.


See, suddenly it makes more sense why I own this tenacious little car - looks and practicality! I will be honest and say that the drive (surprisingly rugged and athletic for a car the size of a hamster!) was just a bonus. My research had told me that a used Toyota IQ would be thoroughly economic, and at 65.69 MPG combined, the facts and figures were certainly convincing. I was also sold on the fact that I didn't have to pay any road tax, thanks to startlingly low CO2 emissions! When I took it for a test drive, however, I clicked that the little engine was actually hiding some dynamism - and it was immediately clear that the acceleration was faster than my current car with a much bigger engine!


As you can see, I may not drive a typical car-addicts car - but I drive my little IQ with a whole lot of good reasons to back me up!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Toyota cars.
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Used Porsche - Brand Management

Le 19 avril 2018, 04:20 dans Humeurs 0

Car dealers and manufacturers seem to be focusing more and more on the history and attitudes of its brand, rather than on the new cars Autel MaxiDiag MD808. Obviously everyone still cares about the cars that are being produced, and the way they drive and looks, but extending the brand to mean more than just hunk of metal and wheels the automotive manufacturers are clearly hoping to extend the brand lifespan. After all, this year has been tough on the industry more than almost any other in the past, and brand management is fast becoming a really important part of the business.


Porsche have got in on the act with their very fancy Porsche museum. As a supercar and sportscar brand they must know that their cars, especially the 911 and all its different versions, have a cult like status in the world of race cars and road cars. As such, it seems a logical step for them to think about providing something to keep their avid fans and followers interested. Of course it is also a way of getting some extra cash out of fans who unfortunately can't afford to buy a new or even a used Porsche at any time in the near future. Which would include me!


So, what crazy attractions and funky information does the Porsche Museum offer to people who pay them a visit? Well, the building itself is pretty swanky, so you get a hit of modern Porsche design before you even get through the doors! Rather than opting for something traditional Porsche have chosen to feature really innovation architectural design, with huge mirrored sections and sharp angles. Despite the fact that their cars are best known for their curves this place has a clinical and sharp feel to it launch x431 v+, although I feel that this does work well to make the whole place impressive from the off.


Inside the museums try to offer something for everyone. They seem to understand that some people will want to know about the technology and equipment history, whilst others will wan tot focus more on the cars themselves, or on the Porsche racing pedigree. As soon as you enter the museum you get the choice between going historical and following a chronological timeline that documents the progress and developments of the company and brand, or choosing just to browse casually through the different exhibition. You will get the opportunity to look through about 80 vehicles and lots of little exhibits, which may well bore your children but should definitely keep you entertained if you love Porsches.


If you do get a little fed up with learning about cars and the Porsche brand, then you can always go off and explore the rest of Stuttgart with the rest of your day, or keep it a little closer to home and sample some of the food on offer at the luxury restaurant that they actually have built in house. The modern design is out of the window here, which is great if you were getting fed up with the never-ending white! Here is much more retro and relaxing!


This place does offer something for everyone!

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Porsche cars.
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Used Jaguar - The Jag X-Type

Le 16 avril 2018, 04:23 dans Humeurs 0

With a sleek and stylish exterior and a beautifully designed interior, the Jaguar X-Type is a step in the right direction for the company. Jaguar has taken many successful parts from other models and applied them to the X-Type, increasing performance and making for a more enjoyable drive. The newer models now offer a diesel alternative which can be slightly cheaper than the petrol models Autel Diaglink, which is good news for those who want to buy a second hand car, but don't want to have to pay expensive running costs.


Unusually small for a Jaguar, the X-Type is surprisingly fun and easy to drive and with an attractive design and a sleek, finished interior the X-Type is very visually appealing. The X-Type comes equipped with all the new-fangled technology such as a good stereo system, SATNAV, and Bluetooth telephone provision in order to keep everyone happy and entertained for both long journeys and short distances. The X-Type is also designed to reduce audio pollution from outside and engine sounds, but the engine will be heard if the X-Type is pushed competitively.


The Jaguar X-Type comes with a number of safety features to ensure the wellbeing of all passengers. Occupancy sensing restraint systems Autel MaxiSys MS906TS, front seat mounted side airbags and side curtain airbags for both front and rear passengers, along with the standard features such as anti-lock brakes and traction control ensures safety is one of the top priorities of this motor.


One issue of the X-Type is the amount of space available. Although a comfortable car with elegant leather upholstery, the X-Type is lacking in space and especially the rear seat passengers may notice a decline in leg room that can become uncomfortable when faced with long journeys. Front seat passengers seem to be better off and have adequate space to move around in, but in families with small children irritation may be high on the horizon with a lack of room in the rear passenger seats.


As a used car the older models of the X-Type fetch from around £3,000 to £7,000. Newer and more technological models, along with the diesel alternative can be as cheap as £8,000 stretching up to £26,000. The X-Type was designed to appeal to younger drivers however the price tag even for a recently new second hand car may deter new drivers from actually buying it.


The X-Type would have been more successful with younger and new drivers if it had been more economic. Though the X-Type can manage up to 20mpg in city and urban areas and a fairly nice 39mpg on motorways, it is not economically efficient enough for a car of its size. Insurance rates are especially worrying for new drivers and coupled with the initial price of the used car and its running costs, the X-Type is not economically ideal for newer drivers looking to buy their first car. Neither is it entirely suitable for families, although smaller families may prefer it to a more bulky car if willing to sacrifice boot space.


The X-Type is more ideal for competitive or casual drivers who like to have fun with a car that can perform and is easy and fun to drive.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Jaguar cars.
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