SNA auto rental does not require customers to be members to receive VIP service launch x431 v+. This one-site-rental car company offers convenient services at the Terminal. It is an inexpensive option to fulfill auto rental needs in Orange County. Conveniently located near the John Wayne Airport, they have a wide array of cars to offer - from economy, intermediates, compact, full size, vans, SUVs to luxury cars.




Compared to other car rental agencies SNA Auto Rental offers flexibility in its services.


* Free airport pick up and drop * Use drivers OBD2 Scanner, who are above 21 years of age. (Minimum age for sports car, Premium, vans, convertibles, and SUVs is 25 years.) * Accept International Driver License * Accept cash, credit, and debit cards * Offer pre-arrival paperwork to reduce waiting time * Provide discounted long term rental


Customers can be assured of quick and professional service at the Orange county car rental. They provide great customer service. They also offer insurance coverage. Rental Liability Coverage (RLI) is the primary insurance that protects the drivers against claims made by a third party for bodily injury and/or property damage suffered, while driving the rented car.


This insurance costs as less than $10.99 per day, and for luxury, sports, Premium, and Specialty cars, it may go up to $14.99 daily. There is also Loss Damage Waiver which frees the driver off all financial responsibility for the loss or damage to the rental car. This is valid as long as the vehicle is used according to the Rental Agreement. For economy, standard, midsize, and full size, the customer needs to pay only $10.99 per day, while for SUV, minivan, convertibles, premium, and luxury cars, the premium can be as much as $14.99 rent per day.


SNA auto rental understands the needs of its customers and offers a child seat and a booster seat, as well. State laws in California require children below six years of age and weighing less than 60 pounds to be seated in a child restraint device. GPS units are also available for a small amount. Another interesting feature is that, up to three drivers can be added at no additional cost.


Benefits Of Renting A Car


You can make more discoveries by renting a car. You are on your own and do not have to follow the beaten path. You can explore the destinations you find interesting and plan some recreational and sports activities since you have all the time to do so. You can stay up late and start early to avoid crowds. You do not have to see all the places of interest in one day and do not need to care much about catching a bus.


Also, you can re-visit the places you liked the most.


If you have signed up for a tour in public transport, you can never get the privacy that you wish for. However, with SNA auto rental, you can spend those special moments with your family in your own way. This rent-a-car service also offers you a wide array of cars to choose from and according to your comfort levels and convenience. Another benefit is that it is cheaper than packaged tours.

Ramon M. is a small business consultant and has worked with various rental car businesses for the past 8 years. He recommends SNA Auto Rental for your rental needs in Orange County, CA. Visit: .
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