Base Price TBA


Drive train Rear Wheel Drive


Curb Weight (lbs) 3748 - 389


City (MPG) 18


Hwy (MPG) 27


Horsepower 290@6200


Torque (lb-ft) 264@4500


Wheelbase 115.6


Length (in.) 195.9


Width (in.) 74.4


Height (in.) 58.1


About the sedan


Automakers have the luxury segment carved into thin slices and thin for generations. Territory which belonged exclusively likes of Buick, Mercury and the Oldsmobile is now fertile ground for the Acura


brand Infiniti. Thanks to those new buyers, no money to jump to the Bavarian manufacturer BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz can still plant your backside on the throne of smooth skin.


Three years ago, the Hyundai has jumped into the fray of luxury with its low Buck Genesis sedan that was designed to convince the automaker of corea Korean could stuff his leg in the marketplace without burden of introduction a luxury brand separate dedicated for the occasions. We were impressed by the great Hyundai landed three years before as 2009 models, but domestic manufacturers as Buick and Chrysler has since tightened their plan in a very big way. We just jumped behind the wheels of the Genesis sedan 2011 on how the first generation of the car to be stopped before the second day arrives as 2012 model.


Hyundai has decided to get into the water and the luxury car market and started to play dry, and in the year 2009, the company has made it through Genesis Sedan and the Coupe 20,000 units combined and about half of its forecast sales in the initial time Launch CReader 6001. As the numbers of the industry began to rise before his fall from the heights, sales havegain accordingly Genesis, if we feel that the figures have not been able to hang the magic from 40.000 to 50.000 marks the unit, originally designed Hyundai hive-mind Autel MaxiSys Pro.


Probably not the fault of vehicle style, however. There is no contradict that the latest Genesis sedan remains the same high forehead presence of their ancestors largely due to a huge stylized cage rib cage. Hyundai has not yet been slapped big H on hood and the front, uninitiated viewers may have difficulty discerning the line vehicles Lexus GS. On the other hand, the car takes styling cues of the department of BMW headlights and taillights wrapped and a shark fin like antenna. Large exhaust outlets dominate the egg to the a Hyundai badgeand rear fascia on the back cover is the only sign that this beast has come from elsewhere in Japan.


While the Genesis sedan made its debut, he came within a package that was light years before of what the Hyundai had turned in the past. Controlled by many , perforated leather upholstery excellent stitching and attractive wood and made it very clear that Korean sedan was not fooling around. From then, cockpit has received some updates, and when still a beatiful enough place to pass the time, the interiors of both the Buick and Chrysler finally got a chance to catch up.


The two automakers have suddenly acquired all these things automotive manufacturing seriously, and therefore, vehicles like the Buick LaCrosse and the Chrysler 300 are achievable with booths that can eclipse the Genesis at ease in terms of the quality and the design, at least for cost.

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