I spent most of my childhood in a state of perpetual imagination. For so many wonderful years I would live outdoors from the moment I woke up in the morning to the moment I got called into the house in the evening. I would wake up, clamber into some disposable clothes, and head out onto the pavement Autel Diaglink, or into the backyard. Sometimes I would play with my imaginary horses in the back yard, taking them for walks and feeding them imaginary grain. Other times my friends from up and down my street and I would be pirates, sailing on a pirate ship made out of a rugs into the jaws of a giant shark, or beaching ourselves on a sun-drenched desert island. You could give me anything at all and I could turn it into something brilliant, exciting, and much like something from a fairytale.


Of all the things I did, playing with my toy cars was probably my favourite. Whilst usually I didn't need any kind of prop to enter my imaginary paradise, full of exotic creatures and untold dangers, there was something about these cars that would make the whole process more exciting. I could at turns be a super talented racing driver, zooming around the track, or a learner driver navigating through a city of video boxes. I could be a wild adventure driving my 4x4 through the deep dark depths of the jungle, or a chauffeur dropping off my celebrity cargo at a red carpet do.


I had a whole host of toy cars, of varying sizes and degrees of fanciness. One of my favourites for the first few years of my life was a simple little blue car. The paint had all chipped off from numerous underwater excursions through the pond, down the slide at my local swimming poor, or through the treacherous terrain of the rockery in the garden. I did repaint it with poster paint, which didn't have quite the dramatic and gleaming rejuvenating effect that I had hoped for launch x431 pro mini, and a few months down the line it had been relegated forlornly to the toy bin in favour of a newer and shinier model.


That new model was a Ferrari F1 race car, which my doting mother had kindly picked up for me at a local car boot sale. It was already well-loved (the toy equivalent of a used Ferrari, my mum said), but to me it was the most fun in the world, a beautiful shiny red car about the size of my hand. I would roll it around with me everywhere that I went, even insisting on taking it to school with me for show and tell. Some kids had teddy bears of blankets that they would leave home without, whereas I in my infinite childish wisdom chose a toy car. It may not have been as comfortable, but it was probably more fun!


Eventually I had to grow up, and with that went playing with my cars - but I still keep them in a box in my wardrobe just in case.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Ferrari cars.
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