Ok, you might think you don't need any advice on how to clean your car, I mean, how hard can it be?


Well, I have learned over the years that if you want to clean your car properly it takes time, but just how much time is up to you. If you want to give your car a complete overhaul from top to bottom there are certain techniques that can be employed to make that task easier and quicker.


Similarly there are tips and techniques that can prolong the time inbetween the deep cleans, for instance keeping a box of dashboard wipes handy to quickly rub over the dashboard, windows, door trims etc. Also, keeping to hand a soft microfibre cloth that can be used quickly to remove dust and slight marks from the aforementioned places.


There are also products on the market today that weren't around 3-5 years ago that make every step of cleaning your car much easier and they help you save a hell of a lot of time. Some products that were around 3-5 years ago, but were much too expensive to buy have come down significantly to compete in the ever growing market of car cleaning launch x431 v+.


Not many of us have the time or the inclination today to spend a weekend (because that is what it can take) to produce the showroom appearence of our cars, and the product manufacturers know this which is why they are coming up with ways to reduce the cost and also the time it takes to produce an everlasting shine to our cars.


When I bought my first car I spent hours waxing, waiting for it to dry, polishing it off and repeating that proces 2 maybe 3 times. Back Then, there was no substitute for that kind of hard work and time consuming commitment, but now the same result can be obtained in a fraction of the time.


other problems we had years ago was the sheer unreliability of the automated car washes, and if they did happen to clean your car, you may have lost 2-3 layers of paint in the process or there were scratches left behind by the ever so harsh brushes. Then came along the "hand car washes" who sold their quite expensive service on the back of no scratches because they didn't use harsh brushes only soft sponges and chamoix leathers. unfortunately in a national survey this type of car wash came bottom, as there were still scratches and scuffs left behind. Why? because they weren't washing their own cars they were washing someone else's and there is only one person that would bother to rinse out their sponge or chamoix leather after dropping it in the grit time and time again, and that is the person who owns the car in question Autel MaxiSys Pro, you.


So, dont be fooled by the marketing gimmick that says "we will look after your car as much as you do" because they wont, and who can blame them. The majority will be getting minimum wage or not much more and will have to work in the cold with water freezing to there bare hands.


So although most people don't actually need advice on how to clean your car, they will benefit from useful tips and techniques that can be incorporated to make the job easier and hopefully more enjoyable and satisfying.


Which brings us to the question; "why would you want to let some teenager loose on your expensive paintwork, when you can produce a much better job yourself, and feel a sense of achievement while you do it?" So, this weekend, arm yourself with the correct equipment i.e bucket, sponge, chamoix leather, etc and the best available products and go to work on your pride and joy to produce that showroom clean and fragrance and enjoy your car.

My name is Samuel and I cleaned cars proffesionally. For more top tips and easy techniques on how to clean your car please visit the following site How to clean your car
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