Many people who are not into motorcycles and don't understand biker leathers may think that motorcycle jackets are just for looks. While there may be a tiny bit of truth in this, it is not the biggest reason why the majority of motorcycle enthusiast wear jackets made from leather or some sort of other durable synthetic material like kevlar. Motorcycle jackets offer a great deal of protection for the person riding. Yes I know they do look cool too! A small spill on the roadway can easily cause significant damage to the skin on the arms, chest and back and be downright painful. These motorcycle jackets help to protect the person from this type of injury. All jackets come in an array of prices and levels of protection. Depending on where and what season a rider is needing their jacket will depend on the quality they order.


In warmer weather there are lighter weight jackets, made with a thin breathable material. This material allows for air to pass through the material, keeping the rider cool, and also protects the skin from painful scrapes. These are usually made from a Kevlar woven mesh that has a high abrasion resistance. Also most leathers are vented these days for that very reason now you will never get full ventilation our of a leather biker jacket versus their mesh counterparts. The mesh versions do not restrict airflow at all so you can get the most cooling wind possible.


There are basically three types of motorcycle jackets on the market, leather, mesh and textile. The leather jackets no doubt offer the safest protection and can be ordered with CE rated armor, and back padding, and or elbow pads. Of course the more that is added the better. The better the padding the more protection from injury.


The textile jackets are not as expensive as leather jackets Autel Diaglink, however they are sufficient to offer the rider protection. The material is breathable, flexible, and waterproof. It all depends on what the weather is like when the jacket is worn. Materials can be added to a textile jacket, such as liners, panels, and armor. Some already have armor for the forearms and shoulders integrated directly in to the jacket. Alpinestars Textile Motorcycle Jacket


The third kind of jacket is called a mesh motorcycle jacket. Just the word mesh gives the impression that this would not offer the rider any kind of protection OBD Tool. Mesh motorcycle jackets are structured for two objectives. One is that the material is very cool to wear in hotter weather. Number two, it offers the rider protection in case of a spill and accidental contact with the road. The mesh jacket is structured in either a tight mesh or a loose weave material. Both offer protection, however in the event of a crash or slide the jacket material made of the tighter mesh would offer much more protection to the skin.


Researchers have been working hard to improve these mesh jackets. Recently available is a mesh jacket made of an improved form of mesh that is called 3D. This improved material offers much better airflow and cooling as well as offering the rider better skin protection.


Even though there are many different price ranges and styles to chose from one has to remember that it is risky to forgo quality especially with this type of jacket. As in most things one will get as much quality as they are willing to pay for. If you select a very inexpensive jacket, your going to end up stuck with a very low quality jacket that offers much less protection in the event of a slide or crash.

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