No state - including South Carolina - requires a motorist to carry full coverage automobile insurance in order to drive a vehicle on public roadways. South Carolina - like virtually every other state - does require that you buy a minimum amount of liability automobile insurance in order to legally drive in the state.


In South Carolina that minimum amount of liability insurance is referred to as 25/50/25 coverage. What does this mean, exactly?


It means that your liability insurance must, at an absolute minimum, provide for $25,000 in medical treatment for any one individual in an accident and that it must provide for a minimum of $50,000 in medical treatment for all individuals involved in any one accident, plus your liability insurance must also provide up to $25,000 to repair or replace the property of others if you are involved in an accident.


Liability insurance does not have any provision for the repair or replacement of your vehicle after an accident.


If you want your vehicle protected then you will be required to purchase two separate automobile insurance policies in addition to your liability coverage: a Collision policy and a Comprehensive policy.


A Collision policy protects your vehicle after an accident, whether the accident results from striking another vehicle or from hitting a stationary object such as a tree or a fence.


A Comprehensive policy covers your vehicle in the event of a natural accident, such as a falling tree branch or hail. Your comprehensive policy also protects your vehicle in the event of a break-in or vandalism. And it is your Comprehensive policy that protects your vehicle if you run into an animal, such as a deer, or if your windshield is broken.


You will want to tailor the amount of your collision and comprehensive insurance to match the Kelly Blue Book value of your vehicle.


Since the state-required minimum liability coverage does not protect your vehicle in any way, if you finance an automobile your lender will insist that you add collision and comprehensive insurance and your lender may require that you also purchase Uninsured Motorist (UM) insurance to protect your vehicle in case you are involved in an accident with a motorist who does not have insurance Autel MaxiTPMS PAD.


A lender may also require that you purchase higher liability limits than the state of South Carolina requires - and many people make this choice on their own in order to protect their home or other assets from lawsuits arising from accidents with greater damages than the minimum liability insurance provides for.


So now you know what to look for in a full coverage automobile insurance quote in South Carolina: liability coverage of at least 25/50/25 plus collision plus comprehensive plus uninsured motorist.


Once you have decided on the amount of each insurance that you need, your next step should be to find at least 3 different websites that let you compare the prices of automobile insurance policies from different insurance companies head-to-head.


One thing to keep in mind when making your price comparisons is that for your comparisons to have any validity you must enter the exact same information into the form on all 3 of the comparison websites you've chosen. Unless you enter the same information on all the sites your "comparisons" won't actually be comparing anything.


But as soon as you've done that your job is done. All you need to do is to review all of the prices you've found and pick the company with the lowest quote TOPDON Artipad I.

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